I sincerely appreciate and am extremely grateful for the work, time and effort you put in my 3D eyebrows. Your charismatic personality, warm and friendly disposition towards people makes you instantly approachable. I sense your passion which makes me feel comfortable to discuss my needs with you and seek your advice freely. You always go the extra mile to assist me with dedication and care. Thank you for giving me the brows I've always dreamed about. Many many Thanks, Judy 

I loved the results and Piret. I highly recommend her and what makes her so great, other than her talent and personality, is how accommodating she is!

Atmosphere: very clean and modern

Service: She is extremely patient and willing to listen. She doesn't push her own opinions on how your eyebrows should be, which to me is important, but she also gives her honest opinion when you ask her for her input. She is also extremely accommodating. I've had to cancel and reschedule a few times and she went above and beyond to fit my schedule. I am an extremely picky person and she has always answered my questions and made sure I was happy with my brows.

Results: I love my eyebrows and not one person can tell that I have had microblading done. When I tell people about my eye brows, they don't believe me!

Overall: I'm extremely happy with my brows and Piret's service. Yes, it's pricier than most places but her work speaks for its self and again, she is super accommodating. She doesn't want to just make money. She takes extreme pride in her work and is willing to listen to any concerns you have!


Such beautiful artistry, Piret makes it look so easy. I have sparse Asian brows and have always had to work hard to pencil them in and got tired of them smearing or fading in the summer. Thanks to my Eyebrow Doctor I now have perfectly crisp brows, so natural and realistic that I can't believe I did not do this sooner. Especially since I do not wear a lot of makeup but brows have always been my thing...a strong clean brow and bold lip. That's it.

Her office is small but clean and the music was very soothing. I was very nervous about the pain but I would say it is more uncomfortable than painful. At the worst, it feels like a sharp paper cut or the nick of an xacto (creative folk, you know what im talking about!) ...at the least painful it feels like a gentle scratching against the skin. Really mild and I was pleasantly surprised!!

I trusted Piret and she worked to give me the most natural shape to follow my existing hair growth. She also picked a color to match close to my natural hair, which currently is still really fresh so I will wait and see how the color settles after it heals. I'm already looking forward to my one month touch up!

Piret is gorgeous and a true artist and perfectionist. I'm blown away and love my new brows. Been staring at them in the mirror closely all day and still so impressed by how fine the strokes are and how realistic they look. Her Instagram feed says it all and it really gives a true and accurate depiction of the before and after results. Truly amazing...and I never write reviews like this on anything!


If I could give unlimited stars I would. Microblading has changed my life. Piret has changed my life.

Why are eyebrows important? Well, they frame your face & if you have sparse or thin brows it ages you! Why am I spending $400 on Botox but my eyebrows are making me look 35?!?

I did so much research, I got antsy, I wanted to go to whoever would take me ASAP. That wasn't Piret. I scheduled my appointment with another artist but I couldn't commit fully Bc I knew I should wait for Piret when ....Piret had a cancellation! Yay! I was in!

Appointment day: I met this beauty, we got down to business & discussed the look I wanted, discussed realistic results and then she got to work. I have never been so happy to see results. Omg

I got three compliments that day alone. I've quit wearing makeup. My life has changed. Going to the beach AMAZING, doing anything that normally is embarrassing with no eyebrows is AMAZING.

Shit hurts though, oh boy it hurts. Pop a pain pill for sure.

But do it, I'd do it 50 times over.


Piret is a mad genius! I've been self conscious about my brows since I was 14 and ruined them in a battle against tweezers. (Tweezers won) I just learned about microblading 5 months ago and have been researching the best in the business. After stalking Eyebrow Doctor's instagram for months I thought it was time to try it. I got lucky & was squeezed in the same week. She took the time to draw them in and ensure they were even. After "signing my life away" she finally started the microblading! It wasn't too painful and didn't take too long. As soon as they were done I was in disbelief "I HAVE EYEBROWS AGAIN!!" I almost cried.

I have to go back for a touch up as I have oily skin and she was worried about doing too many strokes & having the brows bleed and look like a blob. I'm already in love, so I can't even imagine the giant boner I'll have after my touch up next month.



I can't say enough about the Eyebrow Doctor. Not a day goes by that someone doesn't compliment me on my brows. Piret transformed my eyebrows beyond my wildest imagination and I can't get enough of them. If you're on the fence, get off of it and get in to see the Eyebrow Doctor ASAP!


I have looked into getting my eyebrows microbladed for quite some time before going to Piret. I had over plucked my eyebrows when I was a teenager and they never grew back. While I didn't mind drawing them in, it was annoying that every time they got wet from the pool or sweating from working out, they would be gone. I always felt self conscious about them.

I got my eyebrows done with Piret this summer and I love them. Piret is a perfectionist! She took her time to draw in my brows (that took longer than the microblading) to make sure they were even and perfect for my face.

To be honest, while she used numbing cream, the first pass did hurt a bit but once the cream started to work I barely felt it. I was a bit nervous about this whole process since it is semipermanent and on my face, but as soon as it was done, I knew I made the right decision getting my brows done by Piret. I love my brows!!! Thank you Piret!


My brows rock and it's all because of Piret -The eyebrow doctor!They are natural looking with such a great shape. I have gotten loads of compliments on them. The process was swift and easy and I loVed how she spent time with me discussing the shape before she started to work her magic. I have and will continue to recommend her to my friends. Thanks again for all you do!


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